A.P.E.S. Database

Predicting range shifts of African apes under global change scenarios

Here we describe the patterns of variation in chimpanzee density and habitat characteristics perpendicular to the northern range edge and to investigate potential environmental mechanisms for chimpanzee distribution in a savanna-mosaic habitat. Our results provide several indications of the potential limits to the chimpanzee niche and the implications of these limits to chimpanzee biogeography.

Advancing conservation planning for western chimpanzees using IUCN SSC A.P.E.S.—the case of a taxon-specific database

Even though information on global biodiversity trends becomes increasingly available, large taxonomic and spatial data gaps persist at the scale relevant to planning conservation interventions. This is because data collectors are hesitant to share …

Characteristics of Positive Deviants in Western Chimpanzee Populations

Human ethnographic knowledge covers hundreds of societies, whereas chimpanzee ethnography encompasses at most 15 communities. Using termite fishing as a window into the richness of chimpanzee cultural diversity, we address a potential sampling bias …